Yalda Night

We are proud to invite you to the IGSF Yalda event on December 16th in the Nyumburu Cultural Center at the University of Maryland.

As always, we support our student community talents in our event program. Students will perform live music and plays on stage. An Iranian actress and a puppeteer will sit at the Yalda table after the dinner and will perform a humorous, playful, and traditional Yalda storytelling. The Silk Road dancing company will be also with us and support us as in the past.

NOTE: This event is funded in part by your Graduate Student Activities Fee.

The doors are open at 6:30pm. The dinner is served at 7:45pm.

Tickets are available for UMD students ($12), other students ($18) and non-students ($30). Please don’t forget to bring your UMD ID.

Click Here to get your ticket.

Limited tickets might be sold at the door if there is any available. Since we have limited capacity and we are able to serve only 150 guests this year, please buy your ticket now to make sure you have your spot secured.

More information about direction and parking instruction will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

We are very excited to see you all!

Happy Yalda!