Board Members

Amin Aria

Amin is third year PhD student of Reliability Engineering. He is in charge of Marketing and Registration.

Aria Shahverdi

Aria is third year PhD student at Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is currently president of IGSF.

Sarah Honarvar

Sara joined UMD as a master student in Spring 2017. She is a member of IGSF.

 Sanaz Aliyari

Sanaz is third year ENCE PhD candidate. She joined in 2016 and is currently treasurer of IGSF.

Sahar Zavaree

Sahar joined UMD as a Master’s student in fall 2017, majoring in Human Computer Interaction. She also has Master’s in industrial design and used to work as a designer in St.Paul, MN before attending the UMD. She has become a member of IGSF since 2017.

Kiavash Parvan

Kiavash is a PhD graduate in project management from the University of Maryland. He works full-time at the UMD Facilities Management and part-time as an entrepreneur. In his spare time, he works on his startups. He has recently become very passionate to prepare courses on the teamwork and communication skills for the Iranian grad students.

Q-mars Haeri

Q-mars is a second year PhD student in the Theatre and Performance Studies program. During his BA in Tehran, he was elected as the head of the University Academic Association. Currently at IGSF, he is coordinating social media and performing art programs.

Amir Ghorban

Amir joined UMD in 2012, his interest is in marketing and project management.

Ramin Moradi

Ramin is a second year PhD student in ENRE program and is also the vice president of ASHRAE student chapter at UMD. He is a very cool guy by the way.

 Hadi Keramati

Hadi Keramati joined UMD as PhD student in mechanical engineering on spring 2017. He is a member of IGSF and vice president of ASHRAE student chapter.

 Rana Karimpour

Rana is third year PhD student studying Kinesiology. She enjoys teamwork and  is a board member since 2017.

 Ghazal Arabi darre dor

Ghazal is a first year PhD student in ME department, working on mechanics of biological systems. She never realized when and how she became an IGSF board member, but she loves it.

Amir Majlesi Kupaei

Amir is a third year PhD student at ECE department. He is in charge of outdoor activities such as hiking.

 Soumayeh Youssefi

Somayeh Youssefi, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher in School of Public Health. She has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Drexel and she got her BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from Tehran University.

Foad Karimian

Foad joined UMD in Fall 17 as a PhD student in Reliability Engineering. Through his BA in University of Tehran, he was an active member and team leader in AIESEC.

 Maral Hassanshahi

Maral is a Global Health Leader and International leadership trainer. She has been working with United Nations and international peace organizations since 2011. Maral was the first Iranian student on Peace Boat, the floating university going around the world from Japan to Japan. She was awarded as young Iranian of the year in 2014 for her peace works.