IGSF Alumni

Yashar Aliyari 

Former Treasurer

Mehdi Kohani 
Kiavash Parvan

Kiavash is a PhD graduate in project management from the University of Maryland. He works full-time at the UMD Facilities Management and part-time as an entrepreneur.

 Sanaz Aliyari

Sanaz joined UMD in fall 2015 as  ENCE PhD student. She joined IGSF in 2016 and was the treasurer of IGSF in the academic year of 2017-2018.

Amir Ghorban
Alireza Sheikhattar 
Mohammad A.Nomeli 

Former president of IGSF (2012 – 2013)

   Mona Asudegi
Kamiar Kordari

Former Vice President of IGSF (2004-2005)

Yazdan Movahedi
Mehrdad Mohtadi

Former Webmaster of IGSF (2013-2014)

Amir Kashani 

Former Vice President of IGSF (2013-2014)