The Graduate Student Government is the only campus organization sponsored, staffed and run exclusively by graduate students. If you are a graduate student, you are automatically a member of the GSG, and your Student Activity Fee goes directly to the funding of this organization. We are completely independent of the university administration, and we report only to the graduate student body. We advocate for graduate students on and off campus, bringing our concerns to University officials, USM officials, the Board of Regents, and lawmakers.

We support all students at the University of Maryland. Our work is important and provides opportunities and spaces that affirm students and their identities, build inclusive communities among diverse members, and create social change locally, nationally and globally. We encourage students to participate in both culturally specific and cross-cultural involvement and leadership experiences. We do not do this work alone and through our values of collaboration, personal commitment, authenticity, and inclusion, we serve our campus in its goals to achieve equity and social justice.

Roshan Institute for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland aspires to be the premier center for the learning, understanding, and appreciation of Persian culture in the United States. Toward this end, Roshan Institute seeks to provide outstanding course offerings and programs in Persian language, literature, history, and culture; to foster communication and community ties among people of Persian heritage and those interested in Persian studies; and to serve as a model for encouraging intercultural communication among peoples of varying backgrounds.

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